About Us

A few years ago, our business started with a simple desire to give back to our town. We created a series of birdhouses for uptown planters in the hopes of beautifying the area and spreading some cheer to others. We had so much fun working on the project that we didn’t want to stop! Shortly after we began brainstorming new project ideas and before you know it, Junk Whisperer was born!

“Living the dream, one piece of Junk at a time.”
— Lee-Anne & Frank

As collectors, we have an endless supply of items to choose from and are always venturing out on road trips to find the best auctions and interesting pieces.  Once we realized the barns and century old homes that we found our treasures in were being torn down or burned, we started a service that provides an owner with an experienced, insured team to take down buildings by hand and the Junk Whisperer Reclaimed Lumber Yard was born!  We remove nails and clean the reclaimed lumber to use in our creations as well as sell to others like ourselves. We recently have added a Sawmill to create custom planks from our Barn Beams and logs, also create live-edge planks.

Upcycling, reducing, reusing and recycling are very important to us so we love being able to breathe new life into an old item. We pay attention to every detail and do our best to incorporate as much personality as possible into each creation. Whether it’s old wood, broken china or rusty tools, we love creating pieces that are as special as they are unique.

Frank, originally from Belgium, has a carpentery/craftman background and I’ve been collecting my whole life.   These days, Frank is busy in the woodworking shop creating new artwork and I’m always on the search for century old buildings and vintage treasures ready to be reclaimed.   Together we love finding, creating and inspiring others to join the "World of Reclaimed Art”.

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Or if you are wanting to drop by, give us a shout. We are located in Staples, ON N0p 2J0.

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Lee-Anne & Frank